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Human trafficking awareness radio drama, "Dealers"

Based on the key messages of the Red Light 2010 Campaign, 3 spots were produced that address various aspects of human trafficking. The spots were produced in English, Zulu, SeSotho,Afrikaans, and Siswati, and distributed to 120 community radio stations in the nine provinces of South Africa. Supported by OXFAM and the Red Light 2010 Campaign, the spots were also produced into: Portuguese, French, Changaan, Nyanja, Chichewa, Setswana, and Shona and distributed to stations across the region. An accompanying presenter’s guide is designed to encourage discussion with local experts and calls from community members.

The problem of human trafficking has been raised as a concern leading up to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa.However, this devastating human rights violation did not start with this global event, and it will not end there. The Together We can End Human Trafficking radio spots and guide are designed to help radio stations join in the fight against human trafficking leading up to, during, and after the World Cup. By raising awareness about how human trafficking can be prevented, recognised, and reported, media can help save lives, and provide individuals, families, and communities with information needed to stay safe. Together We Can End Human Trafficking.

The spots

- False Promises – Her dream job in the big city becomes a nightmare when a young woman is forced into sex work.

- Taxi Driver – A taxi driver realises he did nothing to prevent a young women from being trafficked, and vows to never let it happen again.

- Two young women recognise that a human trafficker in their midst, thanks to information provided to them through community outreach.

Radio Spots Click to listen:

English- False Promises

English- Taxi Driver

English- Know the Facts

Portuguese- False Promises

Portuguese- Taxi Driver

Portuguese- Know the facts

French- False Promises

French- Taxi Driver

French- Know the Facts

Shona- False Promises

Shona- Taxi driver

Shona- Know the fa

Changana- False Promises

Changana- Taxi Driver

Changana Know the Facts

Nyanja- False Promises

Nyanja- Taxi Driver

Nyanja- Know the Facts

Chichewa- False Promises

Chichewa- Taxi Driver

Chichewa- Know the Facts

Siswati- False Promises

Siswati- Taxi Driver

Siswati- Know the Fact

Sesotho- False Promises

Sesotho- Taxi Driver

Sesotho- Know the Facts

Zulu- False Promises

Zulu- Taxi Driver

Zulu- Know the facts

Afrikaans- False Promises

Afrikaans- Taxi Driver

Afrikaans- Know the Facts

Setswana- False Promises

Setswana- Taxi Driver

Setswana- Know the Facts

Together We Can End Human Trafficking radio spots guide

Launch HT 2010 Spots

TonyaThe launch was held in Orange Farm, and hosted by Let Us Grow, which provides HIV/AIDS support and home-based care to the community. The event kicked off with a boys against girls Little League street soccer game. With the sound of hundreds of vuvuzelas, supplied by Oxfam Great Britain, reverberating through the dusty streets, the atmosphere was more like a Soccer City championship than township idiski. After the game, the DJ played the radio spots in both English and Zulu, and representatives from SANTAC, Gender Links, CMFD, the National Community Radio Forum and Sonke Gender Justice spoke about the impact of human trafficking, the need for raising awareness during the World Cup and beyond, and the impact the three radio spots could have.

The event included singing, dancing and short dramas presented by Let Us Grow’s youth theatre group. Afterwards, everyone was treated to a wonderful lunch, catered by the Let Us Grow staff.

 This project brought together a wide range of people from across Southern Africa. Join us in speaking out against human trafficking!

Recording and audio production: Tonya Graham, Cindy Dzanya, Pedro Simao, Daniel Walter, Mafir Hunguana (CMFD Productions)

Music: CMFD Productions


English: Arthur Zitha, Terrance Xolani Nzuza, Mammatli Thakhuli, Bongiwe Hlatshwayo, Petronella Tasara
Zulu: Terrance Xolani Nzuza, Loyiso Gura, Thandi Buthelezi, Bongiwe Hlatshwayo, Petronella Tasara
Sotho: Pule Monare, Mlamli Malayi, Pearl Mbolekwa, Ithateleng Sesinyi
Afrikaans: Lamar, Mauricio Marques, Mary-Anne Wright, Lareece-Ann Kelly
Siswati: Thabiso Mavimbela, Charles Phiri, Kholekile Thwala, Bongiwe Hlatshwayo
Setswana: Monageng Vice Motshabi, Ookeditse Phala, Tshiamo Petersen, Pearl Mbolekwa
Shona: Tonderai Chiyindiko, Cletus Moyo, Linda Musariri, Natasha Mazonde,
Petronella Tasara

Nyanja: Benne Banda, Larry Mwansa, Muduna Kapumba, Corrina Paolini, Ray Mwanza
Chichewa: Benne Banda, Wyson Bomani, Caroline Masamba, Rachel Banda
French: Wirsiy Bernard Bongkisheri, Dimitri Pounah, Shella Ngefor, Jerina Chende Messie
Portuguese & Changaana: Sergio Mabambo, Diaz Santana, Laurinda Saul, Paulino Xavier Mulanga,
Firmino Hunguana

Translations: Translation World, Makhosonke Myende, Cindy Dzanya, Benne Banda, Wyson Bomani, Marie Annick Savripene , Amancio Miguel Vilanculos,Cessy Phiri.

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