Trading Places Radio Drama

Trading Places Radio Drama

Produced as part of the "Feeding Hungry Cities" project, this drama tackles issues of food insecurity and the challenges faced by urban informal traders, who in fact are key role players in Africa's food economy. Faced with a move that seems to be out of their hands, traders at a busy city market are confronted with the troubling prospect of no food on their tables. Elizabeth is a street side food trader with a flair for cooking, a big heart, and a source of strength from an unseen source. An unlikely friendship emerges with Grace, a young, snobbish university student, and the two discover they have more in common than they could have thought.

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Trading Places in Shona


 Trading Places in English

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 Trading Places Episode Portugues

  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Zulu, Xhosa, Nyanja, Shona.
  • Partners: AFSUN

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