5WSMC Kids Programmes

5WSMC Kids Programmes

Community Media for Development/ CMFD Productions was present at the 5th World Summit on Media for Children from 25-27 March. Working with a group of children at the summit, we produced a series of radio programmes to provide an opportunity for young voices to be heard.

Sample Series of 5WSMC Kids Programmes.



Balance of media (English) 3’30


Internet (English) 4’22

Internet (French) 2’40

Children’s Rights (French) 3’22

Importance of media (French) 2’50

 Children’s Media (Portuguese) 7'49

  • Languages: English,French and Portuguese

Resource Collection

Productions and publications found in the Resources Portfolio produced by CMFD Productions for and in collaboration with a wide variety of partners. All are free to access and use, including the audio reosurces, provided you drop us a note and let us know how you will be using them.

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